Abdullah AlEisa
Abdullah AlEisaChief Operating Officer
Jadwa Investment

Abdullah Aleisa is the Chief Operating officer (COO) at Jadwa investment, one of the leading investment banks in Saudi Arabia. He is managing the Information Technology, Investment operations, Administration, Project management Office (PMO), Remote banking and Brokerage.   Prior to that, he was the General Manager of the remote banking division at Bank AlBilad. He was looking Internet Banking for Corporate & Retail, ATM & POS, Internet Stocks trading, Call center, Phone Banking and the rest of remote channels. In Bank AlBilad, he launched the first & full ATM outsourcing project in the region. In addition to outsourcing some initiatives in the Call Center, Abdullah Al-Eisa was the establisher and the General Manger of Jeel internet solutions, one of the well known ISPs in Saudi Arabia. Prior to that, he was working in Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) as in charge of the IT audit on the local banks in Saudi Arabia, he is holding the certification of CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor).