Malik Sarwar
Malik SarwarChief Executive Officer
K2 Leaders Inc

Malik has operated at the leading edge of Global Wealth Management industry with 30+ years of experience across the US, Asia, and MENA, building market-leading WM franchises. He deploys a genuinely passionate style based on his war stories to motivate leaders and frontline staff to become exceptional professionals, deliver an engaging client experience, and achieve outstanding financial results.

Malik is CEO of K2 Leaders Inc, a New York-based WM advisory firm which provides teaching, coaching, and consulting for WM institutes, business schools, and financial industry clients.

He chairs and is a noted speaker at industry conferences on mega-trends like: post-Covid moral leadership, ESG, women’s empowerment, digital innovations in WM; exceptional client experience; 5 Skills of Primary Advisors; all from a Practioners’ perspective.

As Global Head of Sales Management/Wealth Development at HSBC, Malik transformed the company’s WM business in 12 markets through a digital transformation programme centered on client journeys that resulted in double-digit growth of client assets. Prior to that, he launched the WM proposition at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB). He also served as a Senior Executive at Permal, Merrill Lynch, and Citi. At Citi, he was the President of Citicorp Investment Services (US) and Head of Wealth Management (Asia), growing their market share and profitability.

Malik is a Senior Advisor to a management consulting firm, Singapore Consultancy, as well as GLG. He is an Advisor, and along with his wife, Najmi, a Development Partner of and, that provides education to underprivileged girls in Pakistan.

“Keep a relentless focus on anticipating and fulfilling client dreams and life goals.”