BIG INNOVATION CENTRE aims to build global innovation and investment hubs that make the world more purposeful and our cities happier – through the enormous potential of future-tech, creativity, and innovation.

The aim of Big Innovation Centre – Middle East is to support the transformation of the Middle East into a smart knowledge economy and to create a better life for all. The purpose is to reduce the dependency on oil in an ambitious shift towards high tech leadership, diversify in the economy, and to think forward about the future innovation ecosystem and the public sector as an enabler in the region.

In doing so it will engage with key stakeholders from leading businesses, government, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and most of all, with the Youth who ‘owns’ the future. We will take on key projects from public bodies and private businesses which supports our purpose, and to help them raise their innovative capabilities.

Never has the time and place been more timely. Together, we will create the taskforces that implement the 2030 Vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and prototype a new future for our smart city-regions as Neom.

Our communities are the creators and users of the eco-system – connecting and contributing in the realization of the National 2030 Vision.

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