NEC Payments

NEC Payments, is a Payments Technology company formed in the Kingdom of Bahrain in December 2014. The company is licensed and regulated by Central Bank of Bahrain as a Card Processor and Payment Services Provider, and complies with international quality and security standards including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), ISO9001 Quality Management System, and ISO27001 Information Security Management System.

The company has developed and operates a suite of innovative and disruptive digital banking and payment processing technologies. It supports the transformation of business and consumer financial services, displaces cash usage, and helps to promote financial inclusion by replacing legacy banking platforms with flexible and scalable born-in-the-cloud technologies that enable digital alternatives to traditional bank accounts and facilitate open-banking initiatives.

NEC Payments is differentiated from other FinTech payment companies and neo-banks who typically innovate by creating a new UX and distribution model that rides on legacy banking or processing infrastructure.

Instead, our approach has been to build core account and processing infrastructure that can be used as the rails for multiple products and use-cases. We have coupled this technology IP with regulatory licenses, payment scheme membership, and banking partners to create a vertically-integrated, multi-use case digital Banking-as-a-Service capability.