Why BankRevolution

The Middle East is one of the world’s fastest moving economies. We see an array of industries progressing and the region has been able to maintain a standard that inspires many emerging economies to adapt similar trends.

The banking and Fintech sector have been flourishing over the years and we a magnificent change and embracement of digital transformation. The region is now moving towards an API-driven open banking ecosystem with Bahrain introducing the Bahrain Open Banking Framework. Other countries within the region are following suite with their open banking ecosystems and policies. We should anticipate a complete open banking ecosystem across the Middle East by 2023.

After its inaugural success, BII World brings you the 2nd Annual Middle East BankRevolution Summit addressing how the region’s banking and Fintech sector prepares itself to conquer in the digital realm with open banking innovation. Protecting customer data is key, making retail banking experiences one-of-a-kind, effectively engaging with digital customers, making the region’s financially inclusive with Neobanks penetration are some of the major areas of focus at BankRevolution.


Why the Middle East Bankrevolution Summit is Noteworthy

Our attendees come to attend the Middle East BankRevolution series knowing that they will acquire the most innovative technologies and solutions to their biggest challenges.

We did a quick survey to see where they are investing

  • Retail Customer’s Digital Onboarding

  • Blockchain Solutions for Money Transfers & Remittances

  • Open Banking Enabled Solutions

  • Hyper Personalization Biometric Onboarding & ID Systems

  • Implementing Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics in Customer Insights

  • User Experience across Digital Tools & Mobile Apps


  • Shaping your systems to embed Open Banking support

  • Why Neobanks are the Future

  • Shaping the workforce of the Future

  • Investing in exponential technologies to reduce costs, increase accessibility, and improve performance

  • Strategically moving from volume to value & delivery of seamless customer journeys

  • Engaging with consumers and improving the customer experience

  • Making digital more human with transformational experiences

Trending at the Middle East Bankrevolution

  • The Fintech SME Partnership
  • Alternative Data & Analytics
  • Digital Payments Innovation
  • Digital Credit
  • Open Banking Innovation
  • Human Touch in Digital
  • Blockchain Platforms
  • BNPL Services
  • Neobanking
  • Banking-as-a-Service
  • Biometric Security Systems
  • Customer Engagement

Central Themes for 2021

Perfect Examples of Translating Intention to Action

Showcasing success stories that offer a 360-degree perspective on excelling the art of customer-centered retail digital banking services

  • Open Banking’s support to Enhance Financial Inclusion

  • Investing in Customer Engagement Technologies

  • Future Proofing Consumer Financing

  • Next Generation of Biometric Secured Payment Systems

  • Customer Experience& Satisfaction

  • Investing in Voice of the Customer, in Neobanks

  • Investing in the Customer’s Data Protection, Usage, and Personalization

  • Digital Banking with Empathy

  • Innovating Retail Banking Product& Services

  • Making Digital Consumer Credit Accessible and Affordable

  • Customer’s Secured Digital Onboarding

  • Creating a Transparent, and Seamless Payment Transfer Infrastructure

  • Aligning Culture & Diversity in Banking Service Excellence & Transformation

  • Fintech & SME Partnership to Enhance Financial Inclusion & Growth

Who will you meet at the Middle East Bankrevolution Summit?

Retail Banking24% Group Executive, Senior Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, Heads, Managers of: Retail Banking, Retail Products, Retail Assets, Retail Liabilities, Retail Operations, Alternate Channels, Branch Banking, Cards Business, Merchant Business, SME Banking
Digital Banking22% Chief Digital Officer, Group Executive, Senior Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, Heads, Managers of: Digital Banking, Digital Transformation, Digital Innovation, Digital Finance, Digital Channels, Digital Payments, Digital Marketing
IT & Operations 15% Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Heads, Managers of: Operations, Payments, Operational Excellence, Process Transformation, Process Innovation, IT Security, IT Architecture, Process Design, Blockchain, Open Platforms, Software Engineering, APIs, Customer Experience, Quality
C-Suite12% Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman, CEO, President, Executive Vice Presidents, Group Executives
Fintech13% Chief Executive Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Product Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Directors and Managers
Regulators8% Senior Directors and Managers of: Fintech, Retail Banking, Open Banking, Banking Supervision, Banking Operations, Payments & Settlements
Misc.6% Heads and Managers of: Cybersecurity, Information Security, Remote Channels, Branches, Mobile Payments, Mobile Money, Mobile Financial Services

Banks & Financial Services Providers

Commercial Banks | Retail Banks | Digital Banks | Neobanks | Consumer Financial Services Companies | Personal Financial Services Companies | Credit Card Financing Companies | Leasing Firms | Retail Financial Services Companies

Fintech & Digital-First Financial Providers

Digital Wallets | Electronic Wallets | Mobile Wallets | Digital Wealth Managers | Crowd Funding Platforms | Peer-to-Peer Lenders | SME Credit Providers | Mobile-Network Operators

Government & Regulators

Finance Ministries | Central Banks | Financial Regulatory Authorities | Banking Associations | Fintech Associations

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